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Introduction and Problem Specification

The Department of Informatics at the University of Lund, Sweden, has a WWW server and a local web is in use.

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The above diagrams are correct as of July, 1996

My task is to re-develop the entire web. However, much of the domain information is very specific to the informatics department, such as course, research and administrative information, and I am not conversant in this area. My task can therefore be specified as developing an "empty hierarchy", which will be filled by members of the department conversant in the required information. I will, however, review the currently existing information and insert as much as I able to.

Why am I re-developing the ICS web?

Members of the informatics department were unhappy with the state of the present web. Through examining the ICS web, I have identified a few of the problems associated with it. These can be summerised as;

My approach

In the first part of this report, I intend to investigate the problems that are associated with webs in general, and why the WWW is not attaining its potential.

In the second part, I will discuss a formal web development methodology which should resolve many of the problems I have identified.

In the third part, I will use this development methodology to create a accurate, relevant and concise web for the informatics department.

Finally, I will present the new ICS web, and include instructions for the further development of the web within the informatics department. This will include a checklist of duties for maintainers which must be fulfilled by department personnel.

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