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Complete this survey and you may win a free book!

Web Development: Survey

Complete this survey and you will be eligible to win a free book!
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Please answer the following ten questions. If your Web browser doesn't support forms, send your responses to

  1. How did you first find out about the Web Development web?
    from a friend or colleague in text form (via email or online text discussion)
    from a friend or colleague in audio form (via voice communication in person or electronic)
    from a Usenet news article
    from the Web URL:
    from the book, HTML & CGI Unleashed
    from the book, WWW Unleashed
    from an article in the journal, Technical Communication
  2. How old are you? (years)
  3. What tasks do you perform in Web development? (check all that apply)
    Manage/lead project
    Acquire content
    Create text content
    Create graphics
    Edit content
    Design hypertext
    Design page layout
    Implement HTML
    Design software
    Implement Software (CGI, Java, etc.)
    Promote/market the web site
    Perform computer systems administration
  4. What is single most useful part of the Web Development web for you?
    Process Descriptions
    Elements Descriptions
    The Index
  5. What information could be added to the Web development web to help you work better? (check all that apply)
    More description of the theoretical basis of the methodology
    More description of how to apply the methodology
    More examples of the processes and elements
    More case studies of how the methodology is used
    More links to relevant online resources
    Templates and examples of HTML to use in implementation
  6. What format of information could be added the Web development web to help you work better ? (check all that apply)
    Handouts to print and use in meetings or work sessions
    Online forms-based exercises to learn the methodology
    More graphics to illustrate design or processes
  7. How often do you use the Web development web?
    Today is my first visit
    I have visited here a couple times, but I don't come here very often
    I regularly visit on average 1-2 times per month
    I regularly visit on average 3-4 visits per month
    I regularly visit on average 5 or more visits per month
  8. If you have visited the Web development web before, how have you used it? (check all that apply)
    As a way to learn about Web development
    As a reference for performing Web development processes
    As a reference for creating Web development elements
    As a reference to locate online resources
    As a way to train others in Web development
    As a way to show others what is involved in Web development
  9. What of the following things have you done? (check all that apply)
    Informed a colleague/friend about the Web Development web
    Used the Web Development web to assist in work on a commercial project
    Placed the URL of the Web Development web in my bookmarks file
    Linked to the Web Development web in my public or private web pages
  10. Overall, how satisfied are you with the content of the Web Development web?

Optional: You can provide other comments or suggestions here; (these are anonymous; include your email address only if you'd like a response.)

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29 Nov 1996
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