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Process 5: Development

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The development process is concerned with publicising the finished web, but is also concerned with continuously developing and updating the web and maintaining its information quality.


The goals of publicity are to inform potential users of the webs existence, to attract the interest of the target audience and to inform current users of new developments within the web. Publicising takes the form of writing announcements at varying levels of detail, and releasing them to the appropriate forum.

Timing is an essential aspect of publicity - it is advised that developers only publicise the web when it is finished. As web development is a continuous process, when the web is finished is a subjective opinion. Another timing issue concerns periodic publicity. After developers have announced the webs existence, they should only re-announce when major changes have occurred. The minor changes may be announced in the "What's New" section of the web.

General Release

A general release reaches a web-wide audience. Performing a general release may be a key way of reaching the target audience. It is also a good way of making the webs existence known to people gathering information for indexes and search engines. Points that developers should bear in mind are;

Focused Release

A focused release is a much more specific release, aimed at the target audience. The wording of a focused release can be more elaborate - it's increased detail can engage an audience interested in the specified field.

Outlets for a focused release include;

Developers may also consider professional organisations and societies as a non-Internet outlet for a focused release.

Current Release

A current release informs existing users of changes to the web. The best method of doing this is to have a "What's New" page, and a link to this on the top page. The wording of this can be much more specific, and developers can assume that the audience has familiarity with the web, and wish to be informed of new services or features. Developers may feel free to announce minor changes to the web on this page.

Continuous Development

Developers are advised to keep all the previous web development processes active. This will ensure that the web is kept up to date, and remains a dynamic, flexible information source.

Developers are also advised to keep abreast of general developments which would be of use to the web. This includes items such as;

Maintaining Information Quality

Information quality, as discussed in "How is this Resolved?", is defined as correct, accessible, usable, understandable and meaningful. Methods of maintaining the quality of the information served on the web include;

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