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The design methodology I will be employing will be the top-down approach. That is, I already know the details of the overall system I am creating, and I will go about doing that in a structured fashion. The obvious choice for which information space to use is the World Wide Web, the pages being implemented in HTML.

The design process involves the following elements;

Search Engines

I have already mentioned creating a search facility to locate members of the department, as well as an index for the whole web. A search function which searches all HTML and text files within the web may also be of use. However, I believe the web index and menu navigation system will be adequate, and I will leave the possibility of a text search engines to the maintainers of the ICS web.

A 'map' of the ICS web may also be a consideration, but I have not taken it any further for similar reasons.

Concurrent Versions

The information within the ICS web, as well as the menu names, I have written in English. Members of the department may prefer this information to be in Swedish, and there are a couple of methods of achieving this:

With regards to a text-only version, I have browser through the entire ICS web with the graphics switched off, and I found that it was still quite readable. Therefore, no text-only version is necessary.

A Warm System

I think that putting a 'questions to…' link on every possible page would create the feeling of an interactive, or 'warm' hypertext system. (A page with no possible feedback could therefore be considered to be a 'cold' page.) This is distinct from the web maintainer, because the maintainer addresses problems concerning the implementation of the page, whereas the 'questions to…' recipient addresses problems relating to the subject of the page. This idea has been implemented on the degrees page. I may also be noted that current student could effectively act as question recipients, especially on pages such as the life page.

The Research and Development of the Informatics Web The Development of the ICS web Next Page